V1 to V2-10 Upgrade 5-axis CNC milling machine

V1 to V2-10 Upgrade

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Current Lead Time: 1 week from time we receive your upgrade to when we ship it back to you.

Note the V2 machines do not use the HDMI port that was utilized on the V1 machines. The V2 machines connect via USB to a laptop or computer. Please see more information here.

This item is available for those who own a Version 1 machine and would like to upgrade it to a V2-10. If you would like to upgrade to the V2-50 please contact us for a quote and indicate which spindle you have, the lever arm spindle or the spindle with 3 set screws which accepts a tool holder. If you are outside of the US please contact us prior to ordering for some countries we need to obtain a license to re-export the machine.

The process will be as follows:

  1. User purchases upgrade package from the Pocket NC store.

  2. Pocket NC will ship purchaser new packaging for the return of their V1 machine which includes instructions for how to pack the machine, as well as a return shipping label.

  3. The machine is shipped to/received by Pocket NC for the upgrade process. Once the machine is received by Pocket NC, the purchaser’s machine will be placed in a queue for upgrade process. The lead time is calculated from the date the machine is received at the shop. Components such as the spindle, linear bearings and XYZ linear motors will be retained from the V1 and reused on the purchaser’s V2 machine.

The machine you will receive will have all of the same functionality of the V2 including:

Black anodized frame

Redesigned trunnion assembly

Tool probing system. Web user interface

Please do not ship back to us anything except the machine. Please keep the original items from your machine as you will not receive new ones this includes the power cord, vise, collet, wrenches, and extended tool holder.