Pocket NC V2-50CHB or CHK
Pocket NC V2-50CHB or CHK
Pocket NC V2-50CHB or CHK

Pocket NC V2-50CHB or CHK

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Pocket NC 5 Axis Desktop CNC Mill V2-50 can cut materials up to a hardness of G5 titanium although optimally cuts delrin, aluminum or softer steels. The V2-50 has a 50,000 RPM spindle which requires an air supply.* Travel is 5.0 inches/128.3 mm (Y), 4.55 inches/115.5mm (X) and 3.55 inches/90.1mm (Z). The machine accepts standard G code.

There is the option to choose the V2-50CHB with an NRR-2651 NSK Spindle (this is the original V2-50) or the V2-50CHK with an NR-2551 NSK Spindle. Please see this article for more information on the differences.


Frequently asked questions can be found here.

V2-50CHK/CHB specification sheet can be found here.

*Note that the V2-50 spindle requires an air compressor at 1 cubic foot per minute of air at 25 psi. For compressor recommendations, please see our FAQ.

Need help choosing between the different machine models? Check out this article or take this quiz

Prop 65 information found here.

Purchase includes (more accessories to consider can be found here):

  • Pocket NC V2-50 5 Axis Desktop CNC Mill

  • CHB 1/8 inch Collet or CHK 1/8 inch Collet

  • Datron Single Flute End Mill, 3mm diameter, 1/8" shank

  • Pocket NC vise, hardware and vise adaptor to B table

  • 2" wax cube
  • USB cable

  • Power cord

  • Regulator for air, fittings, air cleaning kit

  • Pocket NC Limited Warranty

Note CAM software is not included. More information on supported posts can be found here.

The V2-50CHB will ship 4-5 business days after receipt of order.

The V2-50CHK will begin shipping again the week of October 25, 2021. There are supply chain issues with the spindles. We will confirm your ship date within 1-2 business days after receipt of order.

Terms of service can be found here.

Financing available for business customers in the US, more information can be found here. Note financing can typically only be accommodated for businesses who have two years of credit history or longer.

Pocket NC accepts payment by credit card, PayPal and Google Pay. If you need a quote please fill out this form. If you have questions regarding payment please email info@pocketnc.com.