Pocket NC Enclosure

Pocket NC Enclosure

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Dimensions: 21.5 inches x 11.375 inches x 17 inches

The Pocket NC machine enclosure is designed to keep the mess of machining inside, rather than on your workbench. The enclosure is equipped with easy access to all ports on the machine, a shelf to secure your machine to, two large viewing windows so you can see what your machine is doing, and a chip tray for easy cleanup all while allowing the machine to move just as if it were on your workbench.

There are two versions of the enclosure, one is with a safety switch and one without both versions work with the V2-10 and V2-50 machines.

Prop 65 information found here.

The safety switch enclosure has a sensor built into the enclosure, when the enclosure door is opened the spindle will turn off and the program will pause. When the door is closed, the resume button is pressed to resume the program. This is ideal if you are in an educational setting or have requirements to have a safety switch in the machine.

If you already have a machine and are upgrading to a safety switch please email us (info@pocketnc.com) first as you will also need to upgrade your electronics.

The version without the safety switch does not have any stop built in, spindle runs even with the door opened.