SOFTWARE SETUP (V1 Legacy Machine Only)

For V2 machines please see software information here, this article will not work for V2 machines.

Download and install the following:

*For those using Windows 10, some users have found they needed to upgrade to the newest of version of Xming which can be purchased here.  We recommend first attempting to use the free version.  This page in the forums describes what this issue looks like when attempting to connect.

To use the machine:

  • Turn on your machine and connect via USB to your computer.

  • Run Xming, you shoud see a small "X" icon appear in your system tray(see image below).  No window will pop up.


  • Run PuTTY and navigate the left-side menu to Connection>SSH>X11Click on “Enable X11 forwarding”.


  • In the left menu click on Session, from there you should see a text entry box titled “Host Name (or IP address)” just below it enter pocketnc@ on port 22. Set connection type to SSH.

  • Below in the “Saved Sessions” box, settings can be stored for later reuse by typing in a descriptive name and clicking on the Save button.

  • Click the Open button.


Launch machine controller:

  • A new console window should appear as shown below.
  • Enter the password pocketnc.  Note that asterisks will not appear as you type the password.


  • Once logged in, you will have direct linux terminal access to the BBB’s operating system just as you would on a computer running linux.

  • Now that we have tested that the SSH connection works, we can test that Xming is working by entering the command PocketNC   (it is case sensitive).


  • After several seconds you should see LinuxCNC’s AXIS window appear, PocketNC uses this program as its CNC control interface.  


  • Push the red button in the upper left hand corner to turn the E-stop off and the orange button next to it to power the machine on,

  • Home the machine by clicking on Home All.  Note that the BeagleBone can be powered by the USB without the rest of the machine being powered, so if it seems like you are connected to the machine but none of the motors are working, double check that the machine is turned on and if you are using a switched outlet that it is switched on.  For the next steps to get going machining, see the Uploading and Deleting Files tutorial and the AXIS Overview tutorial.  This is a great time to get familiar with the machine by jogging the axes around manually.

  • Finally, when it’s time to close up shop for the day you can power down the Pocket NC machine by closing the AXIS window, and from the console window enter sudo halt & exit this will we initiate the shutdown process and close the SSH connection on the way out.