What Pocket NC Customers Say

"We have reduced our iteration lead time from 5 days to a couple hours. I  have never been able to be up and running on a 5 axis mill in under an hour. The Pocket NC should be on every micro-mechanical engineer's desktop. In some cases I can make parts faster than I can 3D print them and they are more durable and production ready. When it comes to small intricate parts for medical devices I can’t afford not to have this on my desk." - Adam, product development firm

"This thing is a little marvel and a great introduction to a 5 axis machine, plus you can literally prototype at your desk while you do something else." - Bounce Cycles

"I contacted the PocketNC team and they immediately responded by sending a step by step video on how I can disassemble the machine. It was the easiest thing to do because sending the machine for service from Europe to U.S wouldn't be the most convenient thing for me. I disassembled the machine and everything went perfect. Really happy with the results, as I've been using the machine every day and it's working everytime with absolutely no issues." - Johnny Q90

“The key to the work I have done with the Pocket NC has been rapid turn-around, I can make one-off complex parts without tooling and without soft jaws in one go. If I need to run a small batch I can, especially if the tools are pre-measured. I have added a 5th Axis dovetail fixture and by keeping tool lists and stock together I can make replacement parts very quickly. Overall, it has been a better value for my clients for me to make parts than conventional prototyping services and the parts are often better. On multiple occasions we discover a design issue at 5pm and I am fitting a new version of the part at 10am the next morning, this makes a big difference in R&D and my clients appreciate that.” - Graham, Esotechnic

“The 5 axis ability of the Pocket NC lets me make parts without wasting my time making custom fixtures, or flipping it five times to machine all the sides. I also work in a really small shop. My shop is literally a large closet in my basement measuring 8’x12’. In terms of ability per cubic foot, the Pocket NC was hard to beat. Hands down my favorite part of the Pocket NC is its reliability. As long as you keep it clean and give it good G-code it just runs and runs and runs with very little maintenance and zero tinkering. I was surprised to find myself using the Pocket NC simulator more than I had expected. Making mistakes can easily double or triple the time a project takes, being able to do a full machine sim upfront is a huge force multiplier.” - AJ, Design the Everything

”Proud of my wax part. Only one side but learned a lot from it. Couldn’t have done it without PocketNC’s Q Rothing for his amazing service and knowledge. I didn’t know anything about CAM but Q made it very easy to understand. Thank you ” - Sam, Blackbox Horology

“I can make a watch case in a single setup on the Pocket NC where it would have been at least 3 setups on a 3 axis machine. That means less time and reducing unnecessary workholding. The other benefit to making the part in 1 setup is you remove all the added inaccuracies introduced when you remount the part. With a little bit of care the parts come off the machine in position and on size all the time.” - Deviant Clockwork

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