What maintenance is required on the V2 machines?

All of the electronics, motors and bearings on the Pocket NC are fairly well covered so debris on top of them should not affect functionality. Clean the machine using a vacuum cleaner with an extension and/or soft brush attachment to get into the crevices. Do not use compressed air as this may wedge chips into electronics causing shorts if the chips are conductive. Wipe the machine with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove fine debris and dust. Isopropyl alcohol is recommended for removing oil or grease. There are no parts that need oiling or greasing. Applying oil or grease to the lead screws or other components will cause debris to stick to them and may result in impaired function and increased wear. 

If you will be storing your Pocket NC for an extended period of time or corrosion is likely for other reasons, a small amount of light oil may be applied to the lead screws and other steel components in order to prevent rust. Store the Pocket NC in a dry location, protect the wires from excessive UV exposure and avoid operating the machine immediately after large temperature changes that could cause condensation build up inside the machine. If possible store the Pocket NC in a watertight container or a plastic bag and use desiccant to prevent moisture buildup. 

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