What accessories should I buy for the V2-10 and V2-50?

The Pocket NC V2 comes with a tool kit that includes enough parts to get you started, listed here (V2-10) and here (V2-50). If you want suggestions for a basic starter kit:

  • The Pocket NC Enclosure: If you want the chips to be contained within a space, the enclosure is a good purchase. If your area is already in a shop, it may not matter as much. For education we do recommend getting an enclosure to keep new learners safe. We also offer an enclosure with a safety switch. The enclosure with the safety switch turns off the spindle when the door of the enclosure is opened. This is recommended in Europe to be CE compliant.

  • Tool Holder and Collet Multipack (V2-10 only): If you are doing tool changes throughout the program it’s convenient to preload some end mills into the tool holders and have them waiting in the rack. This comes with 3 extended tool holders, 1 standard tool holder, 4 ER11 collets, and the tool holder rack.

  • For the V2-50 we recommend the ER40 Fixture with Collet and the Datron Tooling Pack as a good starter kit.

For a more comprehensive starter kit:

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