V2 Getting Started

Getting Started with the Pocket NC Version 2

Thank you for purchasing a Pocket NC Version 2! This page will provide you with several resources to help you get your machine operational and more.

The Pocket NC V2 is shipped with several bolts in place to restrict movement during shipment. This tutorial will explain how to properly remove these to begin using your machine.


This tutorial will show you how to setup any necessary software to operate your machine. It will also familiarize you with the appropriate user interfaces.


This tutorial will show familiarize you with the machine's setup, axis orientation and the significance of the "Home Position"


When using a new end mill, you will need to calculate its tool length offset.  This tutorial shows how to do that and what exactly that means.


The V2  offers several ways to fixture your part. This tutorial will explain how to make the most out of each one.