What is the V2-50 air compressor requirement?

For proper use of the NSK high speed spindle it is required that an air compressor is used. Pocket NC will not warranty the spindle if air is not used.

While you are welcome to source your own air compressor it is required with the high speed spindle to prevent the spindle from damage. If you have shop air that will be sufficient for the NSK spindle. The spindle can overheat and without positive pressure outwards a chip can get back into the spindle and catch in a bearing, ruining the spindle. 

Pocket NC recommends this Gast air compressor. This air compressor is both quiet and durable. While you can choose another air compressor or may have your own supply of air we recommend having about 1 cubic foot/minute (CFM) at 25 psi. 

Pocket NC will supply the following when you order the V2-50: regulator, air cleaning kit which includes a filter, and fittings. The filter has an automatic drain to drain the moisture that is filtered. Pocket NC provides a line that can be routed from the drain to a vessel to collect the water.

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