Post Processor

Post Processor Information

Since the Pocket NC accepts standard Gcode information, this means that it can be paired with almost any CAM software.  The hurdle to be cleared to do that, however, is to create a post processor for the software to understand the mechanics of the Pocket NC in order to write the appropriate code.  The same post-processor for Autodesk Fusion 360 works for HSM Works and Feature CAM. We also have post processors for MasterCAM and RhinoCAM (MecSoft Corporation). Posts for CAMWorks and SOLIDWorks CAM can be found here. We will update this page as more posts become available to us.

We have a partnership with LeeVerage Integration, they are certified to both sell Fusion 360 and HSM CAM and train users on Fusion 360 or HSM CAM. If you are looking for training (online or in person) and/or to have a support contact for CAM please reach out to them at, note they can sell and train in the US and Canada only.

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Autodesk Fusion 360 Post (updated 12/28/2020)