Our Team

Matthew Hertel, Co-Founder

  • Oversees engineering and design as well as direction of entire organization.
  • Passionate about creating machines that empower people.

Michelle Hertel, Co-founder

  • Oversees business operations: human resources, sales, inventory management and customer service
  • Enjoys taking her toddler to the park and relaxing in Montana's many natural hot springs

John Allwine, Principal Software Engineer

  • Develops all things software for Pocket NC, including the new V2 web interface.
  • Loves to apply his knowledge of coding and 3D graphics to making real things.

Drew Wajer, Engineer

  • Oversees machining of many parts used in the Pocket NC
  • Hobbies include fly fishing, mountain biking and more machining

Kerry Neal, Sales & Marketing

  • Oversees sales, marketing, service, and business development.

  • Likes to run, hike, backpack, and attempt to garden.

Jonathan Dupea, Engineer 

  • Works with machine testing/calibration as well as user support. Oversees assembly and testing of machines.

  • Avid fisherman and backpacker

Q Rothing, Application Engineer

  • Technical customer service and training

  • Enjoys skiing, snowmobiling, and mountain biking as well as tackling projects on his family ranch.

Billy Bogardus, Electrical Engineering Technician

  • Oversees electronics production and assembly.

  • Enjoys Bible study, hiking, and photography.

Jake Danczyk, Junior Software Engineer

  • Continuous improvement of Pocket NC software. Adding features, refining the user experience, and fixing bugs!
  • Has fun pretending he knows how to use his two-handed sword.

    Ethan Pearl, Assembly Technician 

    • Assembles Pocket NC machines.

      Scott Sharp, Final test and calibration

      • Runs final testing and calibrates the machines at the end of their assembly.