Our Company

About Us

Pocket NC was started in a one bedroom apartment in 2011 by Matt and Michelle Hertel. Inspired by how the 3D printing revolution was bringing manufacturing into homes across the world, they decided to embark on designing a desktop CNC mill.  After working on designing and prototyping the machine in their evenings and weekends for over two years, the Hertel's left their day jobs and moved the company to Bozeman, Montana.  

The Pocket NC required another year and a half of work moving from Matt's parents' basement to a garage before it was ready for it's Kickstarter debut in 2015. Upon launch of the campaign, the $70,000 goal was met within the first hour and was sold out within the first week raising a total of $355,000 from 280 backers making it the most successful Kickstarter campaign in Montana history. Pocket NC delivered all 100 units on schedule by March 2016.

Pocket NC has been shipping machines since 2016 now offering two versions of the desktop 5-axis CNC milling machine, the V2-10 and V2-50. There are now over 2000 machines worldwide.

Our Values:

  • Making sophisticated manufacturing techniques more accessible and affordable to businesses, educators, individuals etc.

  • Manufacturing robust, safe products from quality components.

  • Sourcing as many components as possible locally, both in Montana and the United States, when possible.

  • Empowering users to succeed in making through detailed training content and personalized customer service.

What's next:

Pocket NC is continuing to develop new products while increasing the quality and usability of our current machine. The Pocket NC team is always growing to accommodate new members with varied skill sets to increase the value of our products to our customers and broaden our ability to serve the market.