Mastercam Information

Mastercam Post Processor Information

First, choose the version of Mastercam you have to download the necessary files:

Mastercam 2022 V2 - Kinetic Control Compatible

Mastercam 2021 V2

Mastercam 2020 V2

Installing an Mcam-Content File:

To extract the contents of the mcam-content file:

1. Save the mcam-content file to your computer

2. Using Windows File Explorer, browse to this mcam-content file

3. Drag and drop this mcam-content file onto the Mastercam 2022 icon on your desktop, or onto the graphics area of Mastercam 2022 (or the Mastercam version you'd like to extract the files to).

Older Version (X9) Installation Instructions: 

The files you will need are in the zipped file and include:

Paste files 1, 2 and 3 in the following directory location:

Users > Public > Public Documents > shared mcamx9 > CNC_MACHINES

Paste files 4 and 5 in the following directory location:

Users > Public > Public Documents > shared mcamx9 > mill > Posts

With these files in location open Mastercam and navigate to:

MACHINE TYPE  -> MILL -> Manage list

In this location find “Generic PocketNC 5X Mill.mmd-9” and “Generic PocketNC 5X Mill MM.MMD-9”

The difference between these two mill formats is related to the unit output:

Metric - Generic PocketNC 5X Mill MM.MMD-9

English - Generic PocketNC 5X Mill.mmd-9

Select either or both of these machines and click "Add" to move these machines onto the standard mill selection in the Mastercam interface.

Machine Simulation

To run the Machine Sim on your PC click below to download all files needed to run the machine simulation on your computer:

V2-10 and V2-50 machine simulation is built into Mastercam Machine Simulation
Click here for V1 machine simulation

1)      Create a Folder in  C:UsersPublicDocumentsshared mcamx9MachineSimulationMachSim called ‘POCKETNC’  (correct naming convention is critical)
2)      Copy all file enclosed in the Zip (must unzip them first) to this folder
3)      Launch machine sim inside mastercam and the POCKETNC should now appear in the dropdown.

The desk and laptop are defined as the machine housing and can be turned off or made transparent for simulation.

Work Coordinate System Tutorial

If you are new to Mastercam or programming 5 axis,  the this tutorial would be a good introduction to get the hang of things: