Pocket NC in Industry

Pocket NC desktop CNC mills are used in small to large and start-up to long-established companies in industries such as: medical, dental, aerospace & defense, consumer markets, water treatment & irrigation, jewelry & watchmaking, chemical, food & beverage, electronics, communications, transportation, entertainment, toy and game design, and more.

When used in industry users are typically rapid prototyping on the Pocket NC CNC machines, enjoying quick turnaround time and the ability to iterate fast on a design. No need to wait for your in-house or outsourced part to come back to you from the shop only to send back out for the next round of iterations, you can do everything from your desk!

One industry user in a product development firm shared: "We were able to make 24 iterations of a very specialized stainless steel medical device part in less than 2 weeks using a piece of equipment sitting on my desk. Before Pocket NC V2-10 this would have taken us 12 weeks and cost us $48,000-$60,000."

Some of the benefits of a 5-axis desktop CNC milling machine integrated into your company many include:

  • Get from a CAD design to a prototype as quickly and inexpensively as possible.
  • Start the process of manufacturing in house even though you may have limited space and/or budget.
  • Automate a manual process that is expensive and produces inconsistent results.
  • Manufacture within an office, production floor or non-traditional machine shop environment, iterating a part from your workspace.
  • Prototyping with a 5-axis CNC machine typically reduces the number of setups per part, eliminating or reducing the need for designing specialty fixtures or cumbersome re-positioning of the part. 

Here are a few organizations that have chosen Pocket NC: