I have done 3D printing, is the Pocket NC similar?

No, machining with the Pocket NC V2 requires knowledge of CAD/CAM software. The CAD software allows you to program the 3D solid model of what you want to build, and the CAM portion of the software tells the machine how to cut the part. This is quite a bit different from uploading a file to a 3D printer and having the machine print it. The user of the Pocket NC V2 machine needs to tell the machine where to run the tools and also how fast to cut, there is some strategy to this. If you have 3D printing experience only and no CAD/CAM experience we recommend downloading the Autodesk Fusion 360 1-month trial and going through some of the CAD and CAM tutorials (there are several of them ranging in experience from beginner to advanced). Pocket NC offers a First Part Tutorial here, which you can work through and then build on. There are also a plethora of tutorials available over YouTube if you prefer. These will give you an idea of if 5-axis CNC machining is something you would like to work to be proficient in.

Another thing to note is that some parts that are easily 3D printed cannot be machined well. For instance, the V2 may not make curved surfaces as well as a 3D printer. However, the CNC typically has better resolution and surface finish. It is important to understand these differences before switching from a 3D printer to a CNC machine or when selecting to make your part on one machine versus another.

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