How much learning is required to use the machine?

  • If you have CAD/CAM software experience then you are well up the curve!

  • If you have worked with 3-axis, but not 5-axis machining, there is a learning curve, but you can get started using the machine right away with your 3-axis experience and then move into 5-axis. Most users can pick up 5-axis fairly quickly after having experience with 3-axis CNC machining.

  • If you have CAD experience, but no CAM experience then you may want to download the Autodesk Fusion 360 1-month trial before deciding to purchase a Pocket NC machine and try programming a part. Together with the Pocket NC simulator you can run the machine virtually and see if the Pocket NC machine is for you. 

  • If you have no CAD/CAM experience you do have quite a learning curve ahead, but it is possible and we have had users get up it! You will want to download Autodesk Fusion 360 for the 1-month trial before deciding to purchase the Pocket NC V2 to see if this is something that you think could work for you. Once you sign up for the trial there is access to many tutorials both video and written to get you going, be sure to check out some of the CAM tutorials as well. There are several 3-axis machine options available which are less expensive, so this may be a good way to start as well to decrease the learning curve at a lower cost. 

  • A 3 minute video which details the workflow from CAD to CAM to CNC can be found here.

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