Pocket NC in Education

Currently about half of Pocket NC milling machines are used in education. This includes high schools, community colleges, technical colleges, and universities. People in education use the Pocket NC for:

    • Teaching 5-axis programming and machining in vocational schools, adult education training programs, community colleges, and tech education in high schools.
    • Integrating the machine into robotics and manufacturing competitions like SkillsUSA and FIRST.
    • Machines are used in FabLabs, Innovation Labs, STEAM Labs, MakerSpaces, and Museums.
    • Machines are integrated into research labs to make small components for research experiments or study aspects of manufacturing.
    • Community colleges are using the machine to recruit students in middle school or high school into vocational programs.
Montana State University Makerspace  Montana State University Makerspace

Educational users consider Pocket NC CNC machines for a variety of reasons some of which include: 

  • Technical programs are challenged by industry to train students in 5-axis programming and machining. Many vocational training programs have a few multi-axis CNC machines but in many circumstances only more advanced students get to use the machine and even that time can be limited.
  • Skills learned on the Pocket NC CNC machines translate to industrial 5-axis machines giving students with experience on the Pocket NC a competitive advantage in their search for employment.
  • Many schools and labs are limited by space constraints and don’t have enough room for a large 5-axis CNC milling machine. With a footprint of 16 inches wide x 8 inches in depth x 11 inches tall, weight of ~30 pounds and standard wall power, a classroom can have one or more CNC machine without taking up much space. The desktop mills will also run off of standard wall power.

Here is a partial list of schools that use Pocket NC machines:

Technical and Community Colleges


 Princeton University  
 University College London

High Schools