I am interested in your V2 machines but want to know if it is capable of making my part. Do you produce samples?

No; however, we are happy to take a look at a drawing you send over to us and comment on the feasibility of a part. At the moment we are working to fulfill your orders, as well as on the next generation of machine, and don’t have the extra capacity to build fixtures and program up your sample. There are some facilities that offer access to the Pocket NC and you can either partner up with them for samples or potentially even use the Pocket NC yourself to see how it would work prior to purchasing. Please contact us to see if that’s available near you. Note that in most cases this would be a paid service.

We also have a virtual machine at sim.pocketnc.com, so you can program your tool paths, load the g-code into the simulator and determine if the machine can accommodate your part.

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