Your New Dental Aligner Trimming Solution 

Pocket NC introduces for limited release* a dental aligner trimming software and hardware solution with the Pocket NC V2-50DA. The Pocket NC V2-50DA allows orthodontists to cut out a ready-to-wear aligner from a thermoformed model in less than 90 seconds. The solution eliminates the need to have a technician hand cut the aligner and improves patient comfort by producing a consistent quality aligner. The software solution does not require specific software or machining experience, the user simply defines the points along the gum line.

The V2-50DA trimming solution is ideal for orthodontists wanting to bring the aligner process in-house or grow the number of aligners produced in their practice.  

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*Pocket NC is currently limiting the release to orthodontists in the United States with expansion into other countries in the future. Orders will begin shipping January 20, 2020.

More information can be found on the Pocket NC Dental YouTube and the Dental FAQ and Resources Pages. Pricing information is below.

Workflow for Creating a Dental Aligner and Trimming with the Pocket NC V2-50DA Solution 

A Limited Introductory Sale Price of $9995 from $10,800 Includes:

  • Pocket NC V2-50 trimming machine
  • Enclosure
  • Dental Fixture to mount models & mounting hardware
  • 3 tools to cut aligners
  • 1000 trim credits to access the software
  • All cables and cords needed (power, USB), air filter and regulator with tubing*

* You must provide your own air compressor or air supply capable of providing the machine 30 psi.

Dental Trim Credit Cost, the below is volume consumed for a 6 month time frame