V1 Getting Started and Tutorials

Getting Started with your Pocket NC

Note that all these below resources are for the V1 Pocket NC. If you have the V2 please refer to V2 resources.

Thanks so much for purchasing a Pocket NC!  Here's some hints to help you get going on it.

The Home Position Tutorial is helpful for understanding the physical layout of the machine and the different ways that it can move.  

Before getting going, you'll want to make sure your computer is all set up and ready to go with our Software Tutorial.

If you are using Fusion 360 to write Gcode, you can find resources to help with that here.  We have put together a short tutorial of how to set up a part in Fusion 360 as well.  If you need help setting the feeds and speeds settings for a part, you can find that in our Feeds and Speeds Tutorial.  To download a CAD model of the table an vise to use in Fusion, click here.

Check out the Sending and Deleting Files Tutorial for help on transferring files.

The Pocket NC Vise Tutorial will help show you how to use the vise that came with your machine to fixture your stock material.

The AXIS Overview Tutorial will help explain the user interface used for the PocketNC.

The Tool Length Offset Tutorial will help explain how to account for the length of your cutting tool when using the Pocket NC.

Once you've checked out  all of these resources, a great place to start is to machine an impeller blade in the pieces of wood that came with your machine.  We've created a three part video training series to show you how to do it from start to finish.

When you're all done, see this page to learn how to clean your machine after each use.

Click here to download the .stl file of the ring for the wax ring tutorial

If you run into snags along the way, the best place to get support is to search for your issue in our Google Groups Forum.  If you don't find an answer, then feel free to start a new thread!  We monitor the forum to provide support.  Otherwise, you can email us at support@pocketnc.com.


Large HDMI Kit Tutorial

Small HDMI Kit Tutorial

Ethernet Setup

B-Axis Offset and Calculation

Software Setup (Windows Only)

Software Setup (Mac Only)