Education Online Course Offer

Pocket NC 3 month online course access and set of the course workbook and stock material FREE for educators with purchase of V2-10 or V2-50 until end of 2021*

Pocket NC designed an introductory level online course and a workbook based around Fusion 360 and the Pocket NC V2-10 to provide educators with course content. The course includes 5 chapters and 23 video lessons that will take novice students at the high school level or above about 8-10 hours to complete. The workbook contains 135 questions to ensure students comprehend the basics of 5-axis CNC machining.

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The course walks students through the basics of the machine, cutting a part, programming a part in Fusion 360, simulating the part in the Pocket NC free online simulator and then cutting a second sample part. With the introduction from this course to the CAD-CAM-CNC workflow on the Pocket NC students can then extend their knowledge to design and program their own parts, prove out the programs on the virtual simulator, and then cut parts on the Pocket NC. 

Learn more about how the Pocket NC is used in education and which schools are already using the Pocket NC here. Read a case study on an instructor incorporating the Pocket NC into an aerospace manufacturing course here.

*Must be a school, university or training center within US and Canada.