V2-50 5-axis CNC milling machine

Pocket NC V2-50

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Financing available for business customers in the US, more information can be found here.

We will ship 4-5 business days* after receipt of order.

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V2-50 Specification Download

If you need help choosing between the V2-10 and the V2-50, please see information here.

*If the quantity of machines is more than 3 machines lead time will be longer, please inquire at info@pocketnc.com. Orders that require export licenses will take longer to process (if your country is not on this list please email info@pocketnc.com to determine if you need a license for shipment). 

Note that the V2-50 spindle requires an air compressor at 1 cubic foot per minute of air at 25 psi. For compressor recommendations, please see our FAQ.