Pocket NC 101 Course
Pocket NC 101 Course
Pocket NC 101 Course

Pocket NC 101 Course

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Learn the basics of using the Pocket NC V2-10. From moving the machine's axes to programming your first part in Fusion 360, this course will walk through all of the important steps of making a basic part on the Pocket NC mill. This course is ideal for the user new to CAM and CNC machining. 

The online course is predominately videos with the scripted text written below. The online course is comprised of 5 chapters and a total of 23 lessons. Material will take novice students about 8-10 hours to complete.

Note: While you can use the V2-50 there will be some sections of the course that will differ for instance the tool loading, however you can still program and cut the parts with the V2-50 without making any modifications.

Materials Required in Pocket NC 101 Course:

- Fusion 360 license

- End Mill (comes standard with V2-10)

- 2" Wax block (comes standard with V2-10)

- Custom Vise (comes standard with V2-10)

- ER40 Fixture and 1" Collet (does not come standard, purchase separately)

- Delrin B-table stock (does not come standard, purchase separately) 

Optional Accessories: You can purchase workbooks for education lessons that go along with the online course here, the workbooks come with the wax block and delrin stock material. 

For more course information visit our blog post on the course here and see a course preview at courses.pocketnc.com.