Pocket NC Announces the Launch of Courses

Update 02/2022: The Pocket NC 101 Course has been updated to reflect the changes in Kinetic Control. The course has been re-done to incorporate programming around TCPC instead of the center of rotation of the machine. We have also added an additional chapter and part cut on the machine. 

Pocket NC is excited to announce the launch of courses.pocketnc.com starting with the Pocket NC 101 (V2-10) course. 

What is the Pocket NC 101 Course?

This online course goes over the basics of the Pocket NC machine, the anatomy of the machine, how to cut a part, and how to program a basic part in 5 chapters and 23 lessons. The course uses Fusion 360 for programming, so if you use another CAM program this course may not be for you. The course is mostly offered in a series of videos, although there are some sections of text with diagrams. The course provides 8-10 hours of curriculum for students in high school, more advanced students and instructors may move through the course in about 6-8 hours. 

Who is the Pocket NC 101 Course for? 

Anyone interested in learning the basics of the Pocket NC machine! We created this course due to a demand from high school educators in particular who wanted to incorporate the Pocket NC into their curriculum but did not have the time and resources to both learn and develop a curriculum. With the course we developed the lessons to guide students and teachers through using the Pocket NC machine safely and effectively. While the course was motivated by the needs of educators, it could also be valuable for industry or personal users who are new to machining. The course is offered in a few ways:

  1. You can simply purchase the online course and go through it. We offer access to the course for 3 months or 6 months. You can renew the course after this time via another purchase. 
  2. In addition to the online course, you can purchase a workbook or set of workbooks. The workbook is a physical book that has sets of questions to go along with each chapter and lesson to test your or your students’ knowledge of the Pocket NC machine. There are a total of 135 questions in the workbook. The workbooks also come with stock material that is used to make parts in the course.

How we recommend the course is used:

For Educators:

Educators can purchase the course and share the login with their students. Educators can then purchase the number of workbooks and stock material (wax and delrin) that matches their class sizes. Each set of workbooks ordered comes with an answer key.  

For Other Users:

Most users will find that the online course will be enough to learn the basics of 5-axis CNC machining on the Pocket NC and also learning the programming basics in Fusion 360. You can purchase a single workbook if you want to quiz yourself as you move through the course. 

Who is this course not for?

This course will not be useful if you have previous knowledge of CNC machining or CAM programming. It will also not be useful if you are using a CAM software different than Fusion 360. This course goes over the basics only, so those with prior experience may be beyond the level offered in this course. 

What else do I need?

We recommend having:

*While you can use the V2-50 there will be some sections of the course that will differ for instance the tool loading, however you can still program and cut the parts with the V2-50 without making any modifications.

How can I purchase and what does it cost?

You can purchase either directly at courses.pocketnc.com, or if you are purchasing other items you can purchase via our web store. You can purchase the workbooks through our web store as well as any of the stock materials you may need. If you go to the Pocket NC Store you will be able to filter by ‘Course’ and all the items that are used in the course will come up in the filter.

Upon purchase you will be signed up immediately for the course and granted access for the duration you selected, please contact us if you would like to modify the start date. 


Workbooks are offered along with the stock material required to make the parts in the course here and are priced based on volume.

*Please note that purchase of the course does NOT include a Fusion 360 license. 

We hope you enjoy the launch of Pocket NC Courses. We will be expanding in the future, if you have ideas for a future course please email info@pocketnc.com