Fall 2019 Pocket NC Update

New Product Updates

Safety Switch Enclosure

We are now offering an enclosure with a safety switch for both the V2-10 and V2-50 Pocket NC machines which will turn off the spindle and pause your program if the enclosure door is opened. We will start shipping the enclosures in late September. We will still offer our standard enclosure as well, which simply contains the chips and dampens the noise of the machine a bit. This has been a much asked for feature of the enclosure and we are glad we can now offer it! The safety switch is recommended for schools and any work environment that requires a certain level of safety installed in their machinery.

Datron Metric Tooling

Metric Datron tooling just arrived in our store, see our 3mm and 4mm options here. While these tools are ideal for the V2-50 machine as they are balanced for higher RPM, they can also be used in the V2-10.  Note that 3 or 4 mm CHB collets would be required for the V2-50 and 3 or 4 mm ER11 collets would be required for the V2-10.

Dental Aligner Trimming Solution

We have a handful of early customers for the Beta version of the Pocket NC V2-50DA (Dental Aligner Trimming Solution). Testing is underway and we expect to have a fully released product in the Winter or early Spring. Watch the dental page for more information as we have it. We have and are still learning so much about this application and know that for many of you the trimming of the aligners is the bottleneck. We are taking in great feedback from our Beta testers and implementing it to offer a more complete process to the full market.  We look forward to being able to offer a fully developed solution soon! 

Educational Course & Video Content

We added several videos to our YouTube channel this summer for getting started with the machine. Alongside making those videos we started creating content for a paid course based around Fusion 360. Stay tuned this Fall for that course. While it is predominantly geared towards educators, anyone new to the machine and machining will find value. This is another request we’ve often got from people new to machining, so hopefully this will be able to guide new users through a sample program and part made just for the Pocket NC.


You can now upgrade V2-10 to V2-50 machines. Please email upgrade request to info@pocketnc.com and we will send you a quote.

Software Updates

The safety switch software is included in software update 4.2 or later. Another nice feature of 4.2 is that you can upload G Code via the USB port in the machine which will help you run longer programs without taking up space on the Beaglebone board in the machine. As always, you can find all software update notes here

Upcoming Trade Shows

We will be at WESTEC later this month in booth 848. For our customers around Los Angeles, we hope to meet some of you there! Westec is September 24-26 at the Long Beach Convention Center. Kerry and Matt will be in the booth all week.