Pocket NC Simulator Release

Our software team has been hard at work this past summer and fall working on the Pocket NC Simulator. We are excited to announce the release of the Pocket NC Simulator. The Simulator is available to everyone, free of charge, here. The Simulator acts as a virtual 5-axis machine and simulating the G code mimics the behavior of the real machine.

One of the biggest barriers our users face is unfamiliarity with 5-axis machining. The Simulator helps to overcome this by providing confidence in your program prior to ever running it on the machine. Instead of crossing your fingers hoping it works on the machine, you can run it on the Simulator and determine whether the G code will work to make your part with the peace of mind that you won’t crash the machine or break an expensive tool.

 The machine turns red when it runs through lines of code with errors
The machine turns red when it runs through lines of code with errors

The Simulator enables the user to upload their G code and run it on the Pocket NC. Features of the Simulator include:

  • Indicates errors in the summary tab and by turning the machine red when running the program. Error is reported in the summary tab and troubleshooting suggestions are offered.

  • Details of the program: number of lines and estimated time to run.

  • Ability to enter the tooling parameters such as tool length offset, tool diameter, and tool holder for your particular setup.

  • The Simulator accommodates various perspectives; for instance, the viewer can follow the machine from the perspective of Y, A, B, or the tool.

  • The Simulator highlights the G code line by line as it runs and highlights lines that contain errors. Hovering over a line with errors displays the issue. Commands that are not implemented are also called out in the line-by-line format.

Benefits of the Simulator:

  • Troubleshoot your code prior to making an error on the machine that costs you time and tooling. Prevents errors before they happen on the machine.

  • The Simulator can be used as a teaching tool for educators. Students can demonstrate their code prior to running on the machine.  Alternatively, educators can use the Simulator as a stand-alone teaching tool if access to a machine is not available.

  • If you are considering the machine, but unsure about how 5-axis machining works you can run your code on the Simulator to get the hang of it prior to even purchasing the Pocket NC and see if this is the right tool for you.

  • The Simulator is not specific to any one CAM software, it will upload any G code.

Take a tour of the Pocket NC Simulator:

Here are some examples of debugging issues with the Pocket NC Simulator:

Further written instructions on using the Pocket NC Simulator here.