Announcing the V1 to V2 Upgrade Program

Without a doubt the V2 has been a huge success for both Pocket NC and its users.  The increased accuracy of the trunnion has allowed for the production of more complex and better quality parts.  With an average runout of 0.0005 inches and 6X resolution over the V1, it is much more capable of producing quality parts.

 Because of demand for the Pocket NC 5 axis mill, lead times have been abnormally high, to help with this, We  have purchased a 10 Ton 5 axis milling machine(a Haas UMC 750) which will produce V2s at 4 times the current rate of production.

Since the launch we have wanted to provide an upgrade option to all our V1 owners, getting them the latest and greatest of Pocket NC machinery!  Today we are excited to announce the V1 trade in program which will allow users to upgrade a V1 to a V2.   

How the upgrade works:

Pocket NC will provide return packaging and shipping labels for V1 machines. Once machines arrive back at Pocket NC, they will be placed in a queue for teardown and reassembly.  Expensive components such as the spindle, linear guides and XYZ linear motors will be reused in the production of your V2.  These components represent a significant portion of the machine cost and allow us to give the best possible upgrade price.  The same components that were recovered from your V1 will be used on your V2.


The following video is a demonstration of the faster more accurate and more capable trunnion in action.  Go here to download the Fusion 360 file to check out the toolpaths!

Here are some answers to questions that are sure to come up:

Can I upgrade just my trunnion?

While the trunnion represents the majority of the changes between the V1 and V2 significant improvements have been made to the electronics , manufacturing and user interface.  Rather than retrofit every machine, we can replace all machined components and provide the best possible machine.  

Can I upgrade just my User Interface?

We do not currently have an option to upgrade just the user interface, but we are working to have it available in the near future.

I have an old spindle, will my upgrade be different?

As a thank you to our early adopters, V1s with the first generation of spindle will receive the new spindle, a tool holder and an ER11 collet with their upgrade at no extra cost.