Pocket NC Version 2 - The Next Generation in 5 Axis CNC Milling

If you have been keeping an eye on Pocket NC over the last year or two, you might have noticed some improvements in our 5 axis mill.  Today we are proud to introduce the Pocket NC V2 which follows in the footsteps of continually improving our products.  The V2 is our fastest and most accurate machine to date.  It features a new user interface, more robust electronics, a precision tool probe and a rigid trunnion.  The V2 is a culmination of everything we have learned about manufacturing over the past few years.  In this short period of time we have transitioned from a garage startup to a thriving business providing dependable mills to individuals, universities and businesses all over the world.   Our customer's feedback on our designs heavily influenced the features we chose to focus on for this upgrade.

Note that we will now be referring to the previous design of our machine as the Version 1 or V1.  We will no longer be manufacturing that design, however we will continue to support it and provide accessories for it.

New User Interface

A new, custom built user interface is quite possibly the biggest upgrade to the Pocket NC mill.  No more SSHing or downloading software.  Simply connect a USB cable from the machine to your computer and go to your machine's web address in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari on Mac or Windows (no internet connection required).  Operating the V2 feels familiar to an industrial machine but now with a more intuitive interface.   Users can seamlessly switch between imperial and metric units, upload programs and more.  

Integrated Tool Probe

Our number one hardware request amongst users was the tool probe.  A tool probe is an instrument which automatically measures the length of a tool.  Once measured, tool lengths are then stored in the tool table and are visible from the User Interface.  With the compact design of the Pocket NC mill, finding room for a tool probe was difficult as the location needed to be safe from active tools and maintain the work envelope. We were able to achieve these prerequisites by placing the probe on the side of the trunnion.  The probe takes precision to the next level by allowing users to repeatably set tools within 0.001 inches.  

Redesigned Trunnion

The V2 trunnion is all about getting work done.  The result is increased speed, rigidity and accuracy.  The redesign starts with reducing part count and making the trunnion from one solid aluminum billet.  Each unit is produced using multi-axis machining, removing human error from the equation.  The new trunnion has an integrated bearing which reduces friction and deflection within each assembly.  We have also added an anti backlash worm drive to the A and B axes allowing them to move faster and with more precision.

The V2 trunnion also allows through-hole fixturing from the middle of the B axis.  ER-40 collets, can be used to hold a variety of round objects.


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