Wax Ring Cast Tutorial

Hello Pocket NC Community!

 We are excited to announce our release of a comprehensive tutorial on machining a wax ring using Fusion 360 and the Pocket NC. Since we released the Pocket NC mill, we have learned that jewelry-making has become a relatively common application for the machine. People have expressed demand for showcasing the Pocket NC's jewelry-making capabilities, some how-to's on where to start, the processes and materials involved and how to arrive at the finished product.

 As the tutorial is quite thorough, it goes over every part of the process. Starting with importing the necessary files into Fusion 360 CAD and step by step instructions on part setup/fixturing and reference geometry. The tutorial also includes .f3d files for the Pocket NC vise and backplate to import into your CAD/CAM environments.

 After the part and its various components are set up in CAD, the tutorial moves onto the CAM portion, breaking down the machining process into 8 distinct operations. The exact required feeds and speeds are given as well as the tools necessary for those operations. We then walk through simulating the tool paths for each operation and showing how to avoid any crashes.

 Finally, the tutorial goes through post processing and generating the G-code necessary to create the ring itself. We plainly spell out the individual steps, the required tools and when to use them as well as the runtime of the of the program. Below is a short collection of video clips showing the Pocket NC machining the ring from wax stock material. Enjoy!

  • You can find the tutorial here.
  • We are also selling completed wax rings and other  from our online store so you can see for yourself the degree of precision that the Pocket NC has when machining jewlery. You can purchase them here