January 2016 Update

Things are moving along nicely here at Pocket NC!  We have almost finished shipping the January orders from Batch 2 of the Kickstarter campaign and we are ready to forge ahead assembling Batch 3.  

For those of you who missed out on a machine during the Kickstarter campaign, you will be excited to know that we have officially opened up preorders for our machines to be delivered next summer!  We also launched a referral program for our preorders to reward you for telling your friends about our machine.  

This past month we have been working on creating a three part series to show our users the process to machine a wooden impeller from start to finish.  We chose wood because we will be shipping it with each machine so that you can walk through the process for your first part, and wood will be a forgiving material in case a mistake is made.  The first video showed how to arrange the geometry in Fusion 360.  The second video showed how to generate the toolpaths in Fusion 360.  The third video below shows how to machine the part on your Pocket NC!