August 2015 Update

Pocket NC has been very busy since our last update!  After receiving our Kickstarter funds, we have been purchasing all of the components necessary to build your machines.  Many of the components are starting to come in, including some of our linear bearings(shown below).  We will continue to see more components arriving over the next few months.  We have worked hard to develop relationships with our suppliers over the past few years to ensure that this part of the process goes as smooth as possible and they are definitely putting forth their best effort to get us this first round of components.

We also took shipment of the remainder of the aluminum for your machines and are running our Haas every day to get the parts machined.  We are about a third of the way done with the machining.

Once we had enough parts, we brought the first round of machines to our local anodizer to get the signature green and black color scheme.  We currently have ten machines ready to begin assembly as soon as the necessary hardware comes in to get going.  We'll also be sending out the machines with the custom color schemes soon.

Before sending out our electronics boards to get made, we realized that we had enough extra space on the boards to design a custom ruler to include with each machine.  The rulers are 6 inches long with a 0 to 6inch scale on one side, and a -0.875 to 5.125 inch scale on the back side for referencing the A axis center line(see second photo below).  We also included a tooling quick reference chart to assist in determining the diameter of your end mill.


We have also been working with Autodesk to get them trained using our machines, including putting together tutorials on the various aspects of using the Pocket NC.  We will begin releasing those soon so that our users can get a head start on figuring out what it will take to run the Pocket NC.  Below is a picture of our B axis table with our custom vise modeled in Fusion 360 that our users will have access to in order to help with getting your setups done right the first time.

We also received our trucker hats today and will be sending those out over the next few weeks, so if you backed us at that level make sure you fill out your shipping information in the survey we sent out through Kickstarter.  Thanks for tracking with our progress!