November 2015 Update

We've had another big month at Pocket NC.  The biggest news is that we are all moved in to our new shop and getting back to business.  We are getting really close to being ready to ship the first batch of machines.  This means that we've been working hard on aligning the machines to make sure they meet the specifications.  The video below gives a little insight to the process.

We've even got a few machines boxed up and ready to go!  If you're in the first batch of deliveries, be sure to check your email for the Kickstarter survey to let us know where you would like your machine shipped!

We've been lucky to have some extra help this week from our good friend Gary.  He has been influential on this project in many ways and it's great to have him visiting from Minnesota!

We also have another addition to the team, Ruby Louise.  She is spending her days at the shop and office with us. While undoubtedly the cutest member of our team, she still has a ways to go on her assembly skills!