October 2015 Update

We are continuing to make good progress towards our first deliveries in December.  This past month we have been putting our heads down to continue that work.  We are still on track to get the machines out on time.

One slight set back we had was that as we were checking the squareness of the individual parts, between two bearing surfaces we measured a flatness of 0.003".  Between those surface it should measure close to zero in order to achieve the final assembled machine squareness.  One can picture that if a part is off by 0.003" and is assembled with a second part, that assembly is already off by 0.003" in addition to what the second part was off by.  For that reason, it's important for us to closely watch all the tolerances on the individual parts. Getting this tolerance back where we wanted it required some disassembly of the machines and remachining(see picture below).  We are now set moving forward to include this process in the original machining steps.

We have recovered from that setback, and the following pictures show the current state of assembly for the first batch of machines.

Over the past five years Pocket NC has followed us from a one bedroom apartment to a 10' x 12' shed to Matt's parents' basement to our garage and now we are finally making the move to a commercial shop space!  We are very excited for this as it will allow us to begin hiring more employees and really ramp up our production.  We will be moving throughout the next month as well as getting ready to launch preorders.  If you want to be notified when that happens, leave us your email address in the box on our homepage.  Also, if you are in the first batch of machines going out, be sure and keep an eye on your email for a Kickstarter survey to pick up your shipping address!