Welcome Home Haas!

We have had a big month here at PocketNC!  After 6 months, we have officially moved out of Matt's parents  basement into a house of our own with a 3 car garage and an office to house our company in our next phase of starting up.  Our friend and board designer Bannor has been working relentlessly outside of his day job to get our cape ready to go for the Beagle Bone Black.  We also are very excited to have purchased a Haas Minimill 2!  This is a big step for us to work towards the capability to finish up our testing by building 2 new and improved Beta machines and to be able to head into our Kickstarter campaign ready to knock it out of the park.

We have also been working hard with the folks over at Autodesk to get to know their CAM software package and make sure that we have a post processor in place for our machine so that it will pretty much be plug and play with their software.  They have some great solutions coming down the pipe line to offer affordable CAD/CAM software.

The summer in Bozeman has offered some great opportunities to get involved in our community and help educate people about desktop machining.  We showed our machine to a group of Tech Ed teachers from around the state and had great conversations about how it could fit into their classrooms.  We also attended a maker event at our local library.

For those of you looking for an update of when our Kickstarter campaign will be, if our next round of testing goes well we are still on track to launch the campaign this Fall with the first deliveries going out in early 2015.  We will keep you posted as we test to let you know if we come across any speed bumps that will push us out.